Dynamics and Transport of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current in Drake Passage
DRW with current meter CM for Mooring on Deck Subs for Mooring on Deck VACMS for Mooring on Deck
Current Meter Moorings

Current Meter Moorings (2007-2009)

M01 - M03

Current Meter Calibration Mooring (2009-2010)

A calibration current meter mooring was deployed in 2009 to intercompare measurements in a large range of speeds (0-75 cm/s). Four types of current meters were placed on a fairly stiff mooring in about 4000-m depth, 5 m apart from each other: 2 Aanderaa RCM11's, 2 VMCM's, 2 Aanderaa SeaGuard Z-pulse's, and 1 Nortek Aquadopp.

Deployment of the calibration mooring (M04) is documented here .


  • Kennelly, M. A., D. R. Watts, K. L. Tracey, and K. A. Donohue. An intercomparison of four models of current meter in high current conditions in Drake Passage. GSO Technical Report 12-04, University of Rhode Island, 2012. (PDF)